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The Voltigno and Valle d'Angri Regional Reserve extends between the Aquila and Pescara slopes of the Gran Sasso. It was established in 1989 and is included in the Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga National Park. Protects 5,172 hectares in the municipalities of Brittoli, Civitella Casanova, Carpineto della Nora, Farindola, Montebello di Bertona, Ofena, Villa Celiera and Villa Santa Lucia. The heart of the Reserve is the Voltigno plateau, at an altitude of about 1400 metres, and the Vallone d'Angri. The best time to visit is from spring to autumn. If in the foothills there is a spontaneous recolonization of thermophilic vegetation, in the Vallone d'Angri the variety of trees and shrubs is even richer. The Valle d'Angri, crossed by the Tavo river, offers an extraordinary natural landscape between Monte San Vito and Monte Bertona, a green valley at the confluence of the ridges of the S.Vito and Bertona mountains through which you reach the Piana di Campo Imperatore and the Piana of the Voltigno. The Piana del Voltigno, surrounded by a splendid beech forest, is connected to the south-west to the Valle d'Angri where the Tavo river flows, flowing impetuously into the cave called Bocca dell'Inferno and then forming a waterfall about 30 meters, the Cascata del Vitello d 'Oro, which during the floods of the spring, after the snow has melted or during particular rainy periods releases excess water forming the jump. Worth a visit are the Grotta del Geotritone mountain salamander, typical of the Vestina area, and the wildlife area of the chamois or Apennine chamois, a subspecies of chamois quite distinct from the Alpine and Pyrenean ones, considered by all to be the most beautiful in the world. In the Canalone di Fonno we find the Tiglio, the Tasso, the Frassino and the Carniolo. Specimens of rowan and hawthorn appear in the clearings. The floristic heritage which includes the major gentian, the Anemone of the Apennines, the Narcissus poeticus and the Gymnadenia conopsea, a spontaneous orchid, is interesting. A rich faunal presence is added to the plant heritage. Worth mentioning: the roe deer, the wolf, the stone marten, the weasel and the squirrel. There are numerous birds of prey: the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon, the buzzard.
A destination for foliage enthusiasts in autumn when the maples are colored in a thousand shades of red, cross-country skiers in winter, hikers or lovers of simple walks and relaxing picnics in spring and summer. It offers the opportunity to practice sports such as hang gliding, paragliding, climbing and bird-watching.
Typical products of Voltigno
Full of enchanting views and places worthy of a stop for tourists, the Terre del Voltigno do not spare themselves in delicious dishes and typical local products. Here are the most characteristic products in terms of history, flavors and production. Made with sheep's milk and pig rennet, according to a recipe that dates back to ancient Rome, Pecorino di Farindola is produced not only in the town on the eastern slope of the Gran Sasso, but also in the neighboring municipalities. To protect a cheese that is practically unique in the world, in terms of flavor and production methods, a protection consortium was also created in 2001. Bertonian Bocconotto differs from that of Castel Frentano and that of Montorio al Vomano for differences both in the pastry and in the filling as it includes jams, that of grapes (sclucchijata) and that of black cherries. They are small in size so you can enjoy them in one bite! And at the first taste, love starts!!! They are delicious shortbread biscuits filled with oil. Consumed especially during the Christmas period, however, we find them all year round.

Aprutino Pescarese DOP extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the fruits of the olive tree of the Dritta, Leccino and Toccolana varieties, which must be present in the olive groves in an amount of no less than 80%; other varieties can compete for the remaining 20%. The towns of Voltigno included are: Carpineto della Nora, Civitella Casanova and Montebello di Bertona. The Honey of the Park is produced between Farindola and Montebello di Bertona. The varieties are wildflower honey - liquid generally with a clear straw colour, fine and delicate aroma, sweet and pleasant taste and acacia honey - liquid appearance, light straw color and transparent, fine, characteristic, light lilac aroma, sweet, fragrant, delicate. The foraging activity of bees and the consequent production of honey, especially at higher altitudes, begins in late spring and lasts until the end of summer. Honey, however, is on the market throughout the year. The Tondino del Tavo bean, a gastronomic excellence from Abruzzo, is born only in the soils of the Tavo river valley, where there is the only suitable habitat for its growth. Here the community is made up of about 15 farmers settled along the area. In the Voltigno it is grown in the Municipality of Farindola. The Fiocco di Neve potato is a typical variety of the soils of the mountain and foothill areas; it is a more recent variety than the turquoise potato, another type recently recovered by the Park Authority. In fact, it spread around the 20th century. It is grown in Farindola. Arrosticini are the typical product of Abruzzo best known in Italy and in the world, a typical dish of Abruzzo cuisine deriving from the regional sheep farming tradition. Arrosticini are skewers of mutton or mutton, cut into small cubes. They are produced throughout the Voltigno area and in particular in Farindola, where the "Lu Strego" restaurant has obtained various prestigious awards.

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